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Longi Yoga

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Where Dhanda is the lever, Longi is the pulley. With a rope you can incorporate all the muscles along the spine to pull your back straight. Each posture in a series isolates muscles and nerves along the spine sending life out through the extremities. The tension of the rope straightens and strengthens the spine and greatly increases range of motion and flexibility.

longi yoga

The Longi enables us to isolate the three zones or triggers from the Ko Ghan system and shoot the energy out through the extremities. We can attain complicated postures easily and train our bodies into postures not possible without the Longi. The constant wrapping and unwrapping of the rope increases dexterity to the hands and fingers and the sliding of the rope provides a reflexology massage for the feet. Most important we learn to breathe in these postures or how our posture adjusts to the breath, which is an important preparation for Hanthawaddy Yoga.

longi yoga




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